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This agreement made the_______day of ________202_ by and between:

Buyer: _____________________________________________


Phone:___________________________ Email:___________________________________




Kitten’s Info:   

Date of Birth: ________       Gender: Male/Female    Color :              Ears:  

Parents: dad_________________      mom____________________

The following agreement is between ___________ hereafter referred to as the breeder and ________________________________, hereafter referred as the purchaser, for the sale and purchase of one purebred Scottish Fold kitten.

The seller confirms that at the time of sale, the kitten is healthy. This will be backed with a vet check of the wellness result.

The kitten is dewormed and vaccinated against infectious diseases on the day of sale, as reflected in the veterinary passport, which is a good step to ensure the kitten's health and attached to this Agreement. The seller provides the buyer with the vaccination history so that they can continue to care for the kitten and consult a veterinarian if necessary. The kitten received Focus Cat Vax 3 vaccination (The F3 vaccination protects against Feline Panleukopenia, Feline Rhinotracheitis Virus and Feline Calicivirus).

The breeder will not be responsible for any viruses or parasites, internal or external, after the sale. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to keep the kitten away from areas where other cats have frequented until they are fully vaccinated, typically at 16- weeks old and have annual boosters later.

______ The purchaser agrees to maintain the cat in a human environment and care for it. This includes continuing vaccinations, deworming, providing high-quality cat food, freshwater, adequate shelter, and bedding.

______ The purchaser agrees to raise the cat as an indoor companion.

______ The purchaser agrees to take financial responsibility for his pet as of the date of this contract.

______ All cats with limited registration will be required to be spayed or neutered prior to 12 months old unless prior arrangements have been made with the breeder.


The purchaser understands and voluntarily sign this agreement on

Signed (purchaser): ____________________________________    on    /    /202_

Signed (seller): ____________________________________            on    /   /202_

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