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Estro Cosmostar (Lion)- Scottish fold cat.

He is our king in the nursery.

Lion has very beautiful fur. It is very soft and of warm color. Cats of this color are quite rare and difficult to find. Lion looks like a teddy bear with his puffy cheeks, little face and large eyes. His stunning, kind emerald eyes stand out like no other. He loves to cuddle and play, without fear of anyone or anything- including dog's! Sometimes he is quite funny and loves to indulge in conversation and through that he very loudly declares his requirements. 

He is registered with TICA and WSF.

Screenshot 2023-12-02 162118.png

William - Scottish long hair cat.

He is the BEST cat: very beautiful, very smart, super loving and friendly.

Willy has a very dense and soft, white chinchilla coat. Despite the fact that his coat is long, it does not require much maintenance. He has a very fluffy tail. He has a very strong and rounded body and full cheeks. The color of his eyes are bright blue.

He has an extremely loving and friendly personality, he welcomes everyone who comes to our house and always spends some time on your knees.

He is registered with TICA and ICU.

Screenshot 2023-12-02 162118.png


Gray (Gryselda)- British short hair cat. 

Gray has a very beautiful olive color eyes.  Sometimes she behaves like a very spoiled queen and acts like she does not know what she wants, she can walk around the house without any intention, looking for something to do, which makes her very cute. Gray is the most talkative cat in our house. She talks a lot and expects you to talk back! She is very relaxed, calm and sometimes a little lazy. Her coat is especially thick and very soft. She is a cat with a chinchilla coat with extremely low, almost absent tipping which make her almost completely white. Her eyes are very round and large and have a stunning color. She is registered with TICA and WSF.

Screenshot 2023-12-02 162118.png

YASENIYA - British short hair cat.

The Snow Queen of our cattery.  She is extremely gorgeous and has a real royal character. She is very sociable and loves to be in company with humans. Yase loves new friends and immediately bonds with someone she never met. Her character is very affectionate and gentle. She is very fond of different toys and is ready to run and play for hours. Her fur coat is very thick and soft with a little shade of grey at the top and on her tail. Her eyes, round, big and blue. She looks and acts like a real British lady!

She is registered with TICA and WSF.

Olive British short hair cat.

She is very sweet and charming girl. She has calm, easygoing, intelligent and adaptable personality.

She is a social cat and easy live with who enjoy your companionship. While she likes attention from her human family she is not demanding and  she is generally quiet , soft - voiced cat. Olive is a affectionate ad is comfortable with all members of our family.

She is registered with TICA and WSF.

Screenshot 2023-12-02 162118.png
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