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We have had Skittles for a week now. He is turning out to be the best cat we've ever had. He is so friendly and easy going. He also tolerates our 5-year old boy's occasional rough handling (we're are still working on our human kitten) and has made friends with the dog. On top of that, he is so elegant and has the most beautiful face. We attribute all of these great characteristics to his three months being raised in a loving home by Yelena and family. Yelena has been very patient with us as we ran into some challenges and weren't sure if we would be able to get a kitten after all. Now we've seen how easy this kitten is to have around, I think we'll be back for another one in a few months after we move into our new house. I wholeheartedly recommend BriScottish Cattery if you are looking for a beautiful, friendly, well-adjusted kitten. -Mark Beresford

She is a best cat ever! She sleeps with us, talks all the time. So loving. -Kimberly Harp

We purchased our Scottish Fold, which we named Brodie Binks, in August 2021 from BriScottish Cattery. We began interaction with Yelena in early summer. The process and communications were professional and timely. Brodie Binks has blossomed into a beautiful young cat, made friends with our two other cats, and has exhibited very high intelligence. He is the sweetest cat ever, an attribute that members of our local veterinary staff also have noted. Brodie Binks is well worth the cost. -Jim Barlow

Our healthy, beautiful Purssia came to us at 12 weeks. We could tell immediately that she had been well socialized in a safe, loving, environment that resulted in a sweet, gentle, highly interactive kitten. She is the perfect combination of her beautiful parents. The breeder was excellent to work with and our experience was positive in every way. - Connie Mitchell

These are very cute kitten’s. Well taken care of by everyone people and easy to work with. Very professional and personable attitudes, while keeping in contact throughout the process.Fergus has the most amazing personality and temperament.. so blessed he is in our loves. Thank you Yelena! -Mara Singer

This is our little Appa kitty. He is this sweetest cat we have ever had. Loves to cuddle and play, so glad we got him. -Miranda Kreitzer